Meal Applications

Turn in Applications to:

For the most rapid processing of your Free & Reduced Meal Application, please apply online at right... 

If submitting a paper application, please return your completed application to your child's school office.

One application per household please.

Meal Applications

Each year a new application for Educational Benefits and Free/Reduced price meals needs to be completed.

All District families are encouraged to submit an application for free or reduced priced meals. These not only provide meal benefits but can help your school get crucial funding.

To submit an application:

  1. Complete the application online. Once you have completed the form, press “submit” and you will be notified by mail once your application has been processed.

  2. Mail or drop off in person the original meal benefits application to: 1251 County Road B2 West, Roseville, MN  55113.

  3. Submit the original meal benefits application to your student's school or Nutrition Manager in the kitchen.



*** 2019-20 Meal Benefits Applications will be available online August 5, 2019 ***

***Please note: We can no longer accept copies of, emails of or faxes of applications.  All Applications must be original form***

If you have any questions please call the nutrition office at 651-628-6445.


 Below are Meal Benefit Applications you may print off an fill out if any of these apply to your household.

Educational Benefits Application - Spanish.pdf

Educational Benefits Application - Hmong.pdf

 Educational Benefits Application - Somali.pdf

How do we keep your information confidential?

  1. Only District Center staff in Nutrition Services and Enrollment process or have access to your private information.
  2. Information is only shared with transportation and athletics at the request of the parent for reduced charges.
  3. All District students are given a “pin number” that is theirs to keep and not share with others. By the way, should your student give his/her pin number to friends the District is not held liable for those charges. Parents are responsible for all charges made by their children or friends that receive the private number.
  4. Students will select their food items for the day and proceed to the cashier. As they enter the pin number on the key pad, no identification of their status is made.

What is the Processing Procedure?

  • Processing Free Reduced applications takes less than one day and you will be notified by mail as soon as possible. The information is immediately sent to the School Nutrition Manager who will ensure your student will be able to eat breakfast or lunch.
  • Once approved, you may receive discounts for transportation and athletics fees so please feel free to contact those departments for more information.
  • If you are applying for the first time this year, please submit before school begins; however, if you enroll during the year or if your financial circumstances change, you may apply at any time during the year.
  • Students who received free/reduced meals last year, must reapply every year.
  • What happens if you do not apply?
    • Your child’s status will change to full pay after the first 30 school days.
    • We will send home a reminder to submit an application.
    • Each day your child needs to eat, he/she will be charged the full price of a meal which you will be required to pay before receiving free/reduced meals for the rest of the school year.
    • Please avoid this process by reapplying before October.


A Foster child may complete a separate form, however Foster children may now be included in the household application as part of the household size.


A Foreign exchange student is considered to be a member of the household in which the student resides, i.e., the host household.


All applications must list income in the income section. If the District receives an application with zero for income, your application will not be approved.


If you are currently receiving SNAP benefits, simply put the case number next to your student’s name. No other income needs to be listed.


Do not hesitate to call either Jodi Goodwill at 651-628-6445 or Angela Richey at 651-635-1619 for assistance or if you have any questions.